Yes, There IS Hope! The Senate is Listening and Acting

florida-historic-capitolI asked Debbie, our League lobbyist, had Brandes’ municipal charter bill died?  I could not find it last night.  I know it is hard to hope, but today it is much easier.  When major legislators acknowledge the problem, change will happen.  It may take some time, so keep on keeping on.

Read her response:





“It only passed one of four committees in the house, so yes, its dead.  Senator Gardner was on Florida Face to Face this evening and said the Senate took at look at charter schools and saw quite a business.  He said expect to see the Senate get back to the roots of what charter schools were intended to be.  A lot of work is going into the language being prepared by Senator Gaetz, and President Gardner expects to see the Senate move it forward. He also said the state charter school authorizer proposed constitutional amendment bill is dead in his chamber.  Not a bad week!”

There is much more to do.  The charter school capital outlay bill is still active.  There is still the need to revise the accountability system and actually make it possible to refocus on teaching, not just testing.  It will take more than legislation to get communities to be concerned about all children, not just their own.  We can do this.
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  1. Thanks to the focus on charters that the league brought forward we have seen closer examination. Citizens can and do make a difference.

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