Two Active Bills: Teacher Bonus and Capital Outlay

legislation1Some education bills will die.  Senator Legg, Chair of the Education Committee, will not convene his committee unless specifically directed to do so by the Leadership.  Without the committee hearing, bills die.  Some are still active.


The Tampa Bay Times reports that bills for teaching financial literacy, break up of school districts, a minimum teacher salary, minimum class size change, state charter authorization system, and the elected Commissioner of Education are all likely gone.

The Best and Brightest teacher bonus program was passed by the House but there was debate.  Representative Fresen commented that the program would improve recruitment.  He even said it would help schools in low income areas.  I do not quite see how that is true.  There is no restriction to limit the bonus to support at risk schools.  Does someone have a list of the schools where the ‘Best and Brightest’ teach?  What are the demographics of these schools?

Representative Fresen’s bill to require public school districts to share capital outlay with charters is also active.  This bill is a gold mine for charter management firms and their associated real estate companies which own the school facilities.  Senator Gaetz has zeroed in on this bill.

There is negotiation behind the scenes as Senator Gaetz’s bill to curb charter school excess is still being refined.   Keep tuned. The session is not over yet.

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