Can We Learn from New York City’s Charters? Maybe!

by Sue Legg

Problems with charter school management are easy to identify, but finding a way forward is more difficult.  Some NYC charter schools  are closing the achievement gap.  How are they doing it?  We will do a series of posts on the claims and the cautions about these results.  First, let’s talk about how traditional public schools and charters operate in New York.  You may be surprised.  Look at differences in public school management, charter school facilities, and funding.  Continue reading

Where Do We Go From Here?

by Sue Legg

Where do we go from here? We need to learn about practical solutions being tried within public schools. Which communities have generated the political will to equalize access to quality schools for all students? How are districts equalizing funding, facilities, and quality instruction? How are schools meeting these challenges?Continue reading

Education Team Updates

Alachua County 

The LWV Education Team has co-sponsored, with Alachua County Schools, three showings of Rise Above the Mark.  We are also doing a series of discussions with local church groups on the impact of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarships on the issue of separation of church and state.  Our education team is also organizing visits to a cross section of early childhood centers in order to better understand the legislative proposals for improving standards for center personnel and facilities.


Throughout the summer, LWV Miami-Dade partnered with public libraries to host a series of educational forums on charter schools and on our statewide study on school choice. Four forums were held starting Sept. 24 through Oct. 7 at various library branches throughout the County. In October and in partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools, LWV Miami-Dade members presented at various high schools and colleges during the Higher Education Awareness Tour promoting the ideals of democracy and voter empowerment.