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Throughout the summer, LWV Miami-Dade partnered with public libraries to host a series of educational forums on charter schools and on our statewide study on school choice. Four forums were held starting Sept. 24 through Oct. 7 at various library branches throughout the County. In October and in partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools, LWV Miami-Dade members presented at various high schools and colleges during the Higher Education Awareness Tour promoting the ideals of democracy and voter empowerment.  The Miami-Dade League’s Election Ready Presentation toured the entire city, and was pivotal in teaching young students why they should vote, how to decode a ballot, and informed them on each amendment and what a yes or no vote means.  The Miami-Dade LWV is committed to the cause of influencing the future by informing students and their parents of the issues that affect them the most.

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  1. The LWV is one of the most trustworthy sources on the web for unbiased, FACTUAL information. I check in regularly to get aspects of issues that would go uncovered otherwise! Thanks for being there for parents and students!

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