Twenty Years Later: Jeb Bush A+ Plan Fails Florida’s Students

When you see the report, you will know what I have been doing for the past several months. I hope you will download it, read it and share it. Florida needs a new direction. I hope the report helps, take a look. The report is on the Network for Public Education Action webpage. Click here. Summaries will be coming out that you can also share.

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  1. Sue is getting a lot of national blog exposure since teaming up with Diane Ravitch and its all good for the LWV. Most recently Tom Ultican (national advocate for public education blogger) expanded Sue’s report on Bush’s A+ plan to show that the motivation was profit not education.

    The British based publishing company Pearson, one of the largest publishers of books on education “crafted” Common Core testing, received $8.2 billion in revenue in 2014. Pearson is one of the largest donors to former Governor Jeb Bush’s educational foundation.

    Her research and the national advocates who comment on her work needs to be studied in every education committee in Florida and in every state across our great country before the reform movement takes over public education.

  2. I just finished reading Jeb Bush’s response to the Tampa Bay Times “Florida schools are dying“ article, where he makes the case that that’s just not true. He cites a couple statistics the same as yours – for example that fourth grade reading scores are better. However, he doesn’t note, as do you, that more children are being held back in third grade in order to create that statistic. He then goes on to say, however, that eighth grade reading scores are also better, which you deny.

    Is it possible to prepare and publish an annotated version of Jeb Bush’s response?One that would have links to your article and to research which shows that his statements incorrect? I think this would be incredibly valuable.

    Also, what is your analysis of WHY Jeb Bush continues to promote an increase in the voucher system when the evidence shows that not only is it not working, but that it is working against children, as you say? Especially in comparison to President Trump and some other Republicans, Jeb Bush seems like a fundamentally decent person. Why is he sticking with this voucher program? He makes the case that it is most beneficial for Florida is children living in poverty however, you say that’s not true.

    Thanks for your great report!!

  3. An excellent report on the state of Florida’s education. I would like to see a video with this information that we can use to educate the communities.

  4. I am so frustrated over the frustration our Florida legislators are having convincing Floridians that Public education in Florida should be a priority to the future of our children, economy, and democracy.

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