Schools Treading Water

hands-982121_1280Have you looked closely at schools in your district?  After the comment by the attorney for the State in the Citizens for Strong Schools lawsuit, we looked at Alachua County schools.  Were the citizens in our district doing their part to support our schools?  Was the State doing its part?  Here’s an overview of what we found.




Our schools are aging and very crowded.  Our teachers are in short supply.  Most but not all students here thrive, thanks to the One Mill referendum local citizens passed.  For  some students, the day is too crowded with required remediation to partake in those activities that make them smile.  We can do better.  See what we found and let us know what you find.

How Florida funds its schools must be reviewed.  Communities are paying more from local property taxes and the State is paying less.  What money is allocated is divided among private, charter and public schools, thus it ensures that no segment has adequate funding.  It is a free for all out there.  The needed collaboration to ensure cost efficiency and effectiveness is not only missing, it is deliberately avoided in the competitive race for resources.  It is time for the State to reassess its policies.

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