Florida State Board of Education to Make Charter Facility Funding Rules

dollar-726881_1280The fall out from the school funding train wreck bill in the last legislative session continues.  The Florida State Board of Education will consider newly drafted rules to make charter facility funding easier.



  • Charters may now qualify for capital outlay funding in two years rather than three.
  • Low performing charters with ‘unsatisfactory or two ‘Ds’ or an ‘F’ grade will have no access to funding unless they earn more than half of the available points for learning gains.
  • Schools with higher percentages of low income students or students with disabilities receive more funding.
  • Charter schools that feed into higher level charters become eligible for funding.

The SBE meeting will be June 21-22 at Palm Beach State College.  Make your views known on the lack of guidelines for charter lease and bond payments.  Remember Senator Gaetz’s comment:  It is time to end the charter sector self enrichment schemes.

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