Florida SBE Delays Vote on Charter School Facility Funding Rules

dollar-726881_1280For some reason, not published, the State Board of Education will not review the proposed rules for allocating capital outlay money to charter schools, according to the Tampa Bay Times.  The rule was to be considered at the June 22nd meeting at Palm Beach State College.

Provisions included in the proposed rule were:




  • Charters may now qualify for capital outlay funding in two years rather than three.
  • Low performing charters with ‘unsatisfactory or two ‘Ds’ or an ‘F’ grade will have no access to funding unless they earn more than half of the available points for learning gains.
  • Schools with higher percentages of low income students or students with disabilities receive more funding.
  • Charter schools that feed into higher level charters with capital outlay funding become eligible.

We do not know the issue that has now arisen, but as always, any rule can have unintended consequences.  For example, a charter that serves students with disabilities in an innovative way, may have low school grades but still be having a positive impact on children.  Other charters that serve struggling students and simply duplicate public school approaches, are only smaller but not more effective,  make it more difficult to serve these children because resources are split between traditional and charter schools.

If only we could design a system that was rational and cost effective rather than competitive and ineffective.


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