Florida Really is the Worst!

I have always liked Peter Green’s posts, in part because I smile at the word ‘curmudgeon.’ In his post, he tells it like it is about HB 7070, Florida’s latest voucher bill. You can read it here.

For several months I have been working on an analysis of the Florida A+ Plan. It should be released soon. I have been looking at the data and asking “How bad is it?” Florida’s education policy doesn’t just have flaws, it hurts kids.

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  1. This is the state’s fifth voucher program. The Family Empowerment Scholarship would be funded with money estimated up to $130 million taken from the state’s education budget. Jeb Bush and Betsy DeVos are probably celebrating with Sen. Manny Diaz, SB 7070 passed 23 to 17.

    I have a great regard for Peter Green, I would love to see every education reporter with every newspaper in the state comment on his blog, it is free and would give them power.

    Good luck with your A+ analysis, I look forward to reading it.

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