Why The Arts Matter in Schools

rawlings kidsThe arts change how students learn.  Remember when I posted the description of Rawlings Is Singing, and Dancing and Acting and Creating Art?  This school has been one of the lowest achieving in the district.  It was transformed, but the children are still there. Reread the post. Then, watch this video of the school’s first performance.

Rawlings is a traditional public school making a difference in children’s lives and their perceptions of themselves.  The arts focus on the joy in learning. The arts teachers and core curriculum faculty are working together to build students’ academic and behavioral skills in ways that might seem invisible to children, but you can definitely see how it is done.  The teachers describe the process.  It is fun to see.

I do not care what school grade Rawlings has had in the past.  Those grades have little to do with the excellence demonstrated by the teachers and students.  The State must give credit where credit is due.

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