Who Pays When Charters Fail: Another Case

cash-burningThis is beyond belief.  Broward School District, according to the Sun Sentinel, must pay the State for funds that two charter schools cannot verify.  Evidently, their enrollment may have been inflated to get more State money.

The two charter schools in Broward, the Obama Academy for Boys and the Red Shoes Academy for Girls have closed.  The Broward School District has been involved in complaints about the schools for good reason.  Their enrollment records and the per student funding from the State do not match.  The article quotes a Florida DOE spokesperson as saying the school district must pay.  Districts only receive summary financial reports from charters.  How are they to know exactly which students are and are not enrolled?  We need to know more about this.  I will pursue it.

The League has strong positions on improving regulations for charter school management to allow districts access to procedural records.  This is the time to contact your own legislative delegation.




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