Two More Florida School Choice Bills


Twolegislation1 more education bills have been filed.  One extends Personal Learning Accounts for students with disabilities to cover school choice options among other things.  The other revises accountability for schools and teachers.

Remember that this blog tracks 2016 bills.  Go to the top of the Home Page and click on the Legislative Updates banner.  It is the third one following Education Team Updates.

SB 669 by Sprowls and Diaz

This bill includes:

Revisions to Credit Acceleration Program (CAP ) credit by examination to CAPE certification for students not enrolled in the courses.

Personal Learning Accounts can be used as choice option

School district finances must be released to public

Controlled  open enrollment revised to extend enrollment in any school with available seats within the state.  Allow students to complete all grades in a chosen school.

HB 903 by Jones

The bill includes provisions to:

Bar the use of state assessments for teacher evaluations and student promotions for two years through 2017.

Require school grades to be based on a system that is “equitable, reliable, timely, rigorous, affordable, and rationally funded”

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