Testing Bill Train is Forming

SB 926 (Flores) is moving down the road.  The bill still removes all but the Algebra I and Biology End of Course exam requirements for high schools. It provides for a study to find alternative nationally normed tests for these exams.  The ELA and math state assessments are moved to the last three weeks of the year.  Then, the bill gets more complicated.  It gets more and more difficult to figure out what is in the bill.  Additional baggage has been added to make this a train bill:


  • The 100 minute recess provision
  • An early education DOE committee to define developmental progress standards
  • Excused absences for students with autism disorders
  • Rolling back caps on teacher bonuses
  • Exempting varsity sports students from the P.E. exam

Senator Brandes unsuccessfully tried to get an amendment on proficiency standards.  This is a push from the Bush Foundation that has appeared before.  Why passing standards need to be raised now is mystifying.

I could play with the idea of changing school grades, however.  Florida like Lake Woebegone wants everyone to be above average.  The grading system gives schools with an average of 62% across FSA tests an ‘A’.  We could leave the passing standards where they are and raise the average score needed to get an ‘A’.  We would have many fewer ‘A’ schools.  Maybe those parents would rethink this whole nonsensical grading system.

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