Strange New Bill: Illogical Reasoning on Teacher Certification

justiceThis bill is an assault on the teaching profession.  The logic behind the bill is mysterious.  It would seem to advocate that the most successful teachers be replaced with uncertified teachers.  Why would this be a good idea?


Read on!Representative Manny Diaz just filed a bill (HB 875) in the Florida House to rank all schools on achievement gains.  He then would allow schools in the top 25% to employ non certified teachers.  Why it is a good idea to have the top achieving students have uncertified teachers escapes me.

These will be mostly schools from high income areas.  Maybe they can help Representative Diaz think more rationally??  What happens if the highest achieving students do not show the gains that others do simply because they are already at the top of the ladder?  They bump against the ceiling level of the test, and may well have lower gains simply because the test may not be show improvement.

On the other hand, schools with high achievement gains in low income areas that were successful should then should hire non certified teachers?  What is the logic of this?

The bill also has a provision for liability insurance.  There is no staff analysis of the bill, so the rationale for the bill is not explained.

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