PreK bill focuses on training

SB 468 Stargel will provide funds for training for early learning program teachers, principals and reading coaches.  These are the Voluntary PreK programs for four-year olds.  Children will be screened for pre reading and math skills and will be eligible for repeating the VPK program if the parents agree.  Parents will be given pre and post readiness test results.

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  1. Will this apply to federal antipoverty program funded Headstart?. To the best of my knowledge, as counsel to a state agency that administered $65 million in antipoverty funds annually, the Headstart pre K program was administered by local Community Action Agencies and staffed by that group from within their ranks. I never heard that Headstart required staff to be educated in early childhood education . I would love to be wrong on this because you cannot teach what you do not know.

    Better late than never to start enabling early childhood education teachers in Headstart to meet these same exacting standards that will ensure that the pre K experience for their student will truly be as beneficial as we had hoped and thought we had paid for. States administer these funds through block grants so the state might have jurisdiction. Lets hope this bill could apply to Headstart too.

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