Perspectives on Florida’s FTC Private School Tuition Programs

Public schools are the foundation of our democracy.  Yet, too often school choice divides rather than unifies communities. Parents want the best for their children, but when are choices good choices?  In this radio interview, Sue Legg and Charles Showalter discuss the issues surrounding the Florida Tax Credit Scholarships.  You can listen to Tuesday’s broadcast here.

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  1. Sue,

    Thank you so much for making this complicated issue clear to the public. It is quite possible that we will lose public schools as we know them, and as you say, they have been fundamental to our nation’s democracy. Unless the public knows the dangers facing public schools, it cannot defend them against this very determined onslaught by advocates of privatization. We desperately need public schools to have an educated citizenry. Private schools financed by public money have no required curriculum, testing, or mandates required of public schools. Who is to say what they teach or how that school is an improvement over a public school? Besides,as you say, this scheme is permitted via a “legal runaround” the state law which forbids public vouchers for public schools. Thank you,Sue and the League of Women Voters for taking on this critically important issue!

  2. What an educational and civilized discussion of a topic of real interest and importance. Thank you, Sue for making such wise statements about our educational policies.

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