Parents Consult Attorneys Over Retention Policies

dmbtestOpt Out Parents are seeking legal remedies over Florida’s third grade retention policies.  According to Politico, parents whose children attended the FSA testing session but did not take the test will be retained.  In this article, parents are interviewed across Florida.






Most of these children are good students with good grades.  The State requires that if they do not take the FSA, they must take an alternative high stakes test or complete a portfolio.  Their grades and teacher recommendations are not sufficient to move on to the fourth grade.

This is State and district policy, not federal policy.  The federal government does, however, require that 95% of eligible students sit the state assessment tests.  While far fewer parents in Florida have opted their children out of testing, the State does not want the movement to grow.  Thus far, it is a standoff between parents and state educational policy.  The children are caught in the middle.

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  1. The State Dept. of Educ. had demonstrated a response to independent initiative on the part of parents and disdain
    for teacher abilities to judge their students’ abilities typical of an authoritarian/dominator world view.

    Punishing the children in retaliation for a considered individual decision by their parents and refusal to attribute
    respect for teachers’ knowledge, skill and judgement is NOT the way to activate and perpetuate a democratic society.

    So Sad.

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