Out of Control Enrollment? What Next?

human-592739_640Senator Benacquisto has filed SB 0886 to establish a teacher transfer process for parents and extend school choice options to CAPE certificates.

The phrase ‘controlled open enrollment’ is deleted.  This phrase is defined by the Florida Department of Education as follows:

Each school board may offer controlled open enrollment within the public schools in addition to existing choice programs such as magnet schools, alternative schools, special programs, advanced placement and dual enrollment.  Controlled open enrollment emphasizes the value of the opportunity for families to choose among existing  public schools instead of being assigned to a public school by a school district based on attendance zones.

Does the elimination of ‘controlled open enrollment’ mean that enrollment would now be chaotic?  Sometimes one wonders what people are thinking or if they are.


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  1. I do not understand how a district could plan or assign staff under this proposal. The calculation for the cost to educate a child is a difficult and convoluted process when adjusting for weighted FTE, Title and and ESE programs. Any request for a change in teacher assignment also will affect class size calculations even after the October count. Lastly, with all this they are stipulation that desegregation orders be met, and that the district maintain socioeconomic
    , demographic and racial balance. Who are they kidding?

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