New Mexico to Audit Teacher and School Evaluations for Validity???

legislation1You can think of this bill SB 263 by Howie Morales as the “It is time to check the checkers” bill.  It appears that some legislators want real data with valid results.  It has just been introduced, so passage is a ways off.

The summary of the bill states that the “State Auditor shall adopt quality and accuracy audits of teacher evaluations, merit pay, and school ratings conducted by the Department of Education.  Look at what the auditor be required to do.  It will bring a smile to many.  It makes me think that others have read “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics”.


If you read earlier posts on New Mexico, you know that there is a major struggle going on over the school choice system.  Top State administrators are see sawing over who is in charge.  Some legislators want less political spin and more accurate information.  They will require annual audits for:

  • soundness of programmatic designs and the formulas used to calculate teacher quality and pay
  • selection of teachers to receive merit pay
  • performance grades issued to performance schools, and
  • accuracy of data relied on and the calculations used to evaluate people, salary increases, and public schools
  • state auditor’s rules may include pre and post quality implementation audits
  • list of qualified auditors to conduct the quality and accuracy audits
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