New Florida Bill: District Home Rule

daytona-beachRepresentative Taylor from Daytona Beach wants flexibility for public schools.  His bill, 0829, would exempt districts from certain laws in Florida statutes Chapters 1000-1013 governing  public schools.   What is interesting is what is not exempted:  assessment, school grading. students with disabilities, student health and safety, and various public records laws, personnel salary schedules and performance evaluations.

The purpose of the bill is to expand local control as currently authorized for charter schools to public schools in order to initiate innovation and implement financial efficiencies.  So what is gained in this bill?  It appears that facilities regulations would disappear and public schools would have flexibility in how they spend lottery money.

Will these changes help students?  Maybe not.  It could just be a way to legalize what is already happening with the class size regulations.  Public schools could adjust class sizes as long as they met the average class size at the school level.  This is the standard charters must meet.  Once more it is all about the money, not the children.




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