Looking Beyond the Stereotypes: Many Black Males Graduate

graduate-150373_1280Education Justice forwarded a report on black male high school graduation rates in states across the country.  They may surprise you.  The Schott Foundation for Public Education just released a report entitled: Black Lives Matter.  It seems harsh to have to be reminded that lives matter, black or any other lives.  When you see the data and read the report, you will understand the concern.

Large variations in high school graduation rates for black and Hispanic males are found across states.  They differ more than you might think.

In New Jersey and Tennessee, graduation rates are high.  In Nevada, they are catastrophically low.  Compare Baltimore County, Maryland and Las Vegas, Nevada.  Something very different is going on in those communities.  The authors talk about the “Opportunity Gap” rather than the “Achievement Gap”.  Did you know that graduation rates in Detroit are higher for black males than for white males?  Check out Clayton County, Georgia.  Browse the multiple charts that compare large districts to small ones for both blacks and Hispanics.  Consider why they might differ.

What is the way out of the morass?  Certainly educational opportunity is key, but how is that achieved?  Read the summary of the report here, or read the entire report: Black Lives Matter: The Schott 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males .  The report gives a list of recommendations.


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