KOCH Network $400 Million Strategy to Disrupt Education

The agenda for the conservative Americans for Prosperity and other education reform minded groups was outlined at their donor seminar. Ground zero for reform is Arizona, but the measures are appearing in the Florida Constitutional Reform Commission proposals and the Florida legislature. They include:

Expanded educational savings accounts. Florida has the Gardiner Scholarships now for children with severe disabilities. The Florida House is proposing similar personal scholarships for low performing third graders in public schools. In these programs, parents choose private tutors and classes: create their own micro schools. They are called Personal Reading Scholarships that will be funded for parents to choose private tutors or other services outside the public school system.

These Reading Scholarships are for public school students, to be used outside the school system, and they will be administered by the private agency that administers the Florida Tax Credit scholarships and the Gardiner and McKay vouchers.

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