Jeb Bush’s Foundation Grades Legislators on Education Reform Policy

FAILED1Education Now reports that the Foundation for Florida’s Future has released its grades for legislators.  They are based on their support for  the Bush/ALEC school privatization agenda.

As you know, Jeb Bush made his mark in Florida with his advocacy for charter schools and vouchers.  When the State Supreme Court declared vouchers unconstitutional, they were turned into corporate tax rebate scholarships.  The Southern Legal Counsel’s lawsuit against school choice Citizens for Strong Schools comes to trial next spring.

Privatizing schools has turned into big business in Florida.  To protect the business interests, legislators are pressured and cajoled.  In this report you can see the grades your individual representatives and senators have received from the foundation Jeb Bush created.  High grades mean that those legislators are failing our public schools and promoting privatization.  Here’s the link to the report.





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