Identify Committees Funding Campaigns!

Individuals who fund campaigns are easy to identify. Who supports the committees that fund campaigns is more difficult. Here is a step by step process to unmask committee contributors.

There are different types of political committees:

PCs: Political Action Committee
CCE: Committee of Continuous Existence
PTY: Party Executive Committee
PAP: Affiliated Party Committee
ECO: Electioneering Communication Organizations
ECI: Electioneering Communication Individual
IXO: Independent Expenditure Organization

The rules governing these committees may differ. Sometimes one committee transfers money to another. You have to follow the money trail to know who or which organizations are behind a candidate. Here is one comparison of
PC and CCE rules by state. There is an overview of rules here. Watch for large donations that may exceed required limits or that are spent in ways that are not within the rules. I also do a Google search on the names of the organizations.

We have already had a complaint filed in our local state Senate race. If something does not look right, contact your Supervisor of Elections.

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