Heads Up on DeSantis School Budget

Governor DeSantis announced that the per student funding would increase about $224. Smoke and Mirrors! The increase is simply shifting the teacher bonus money from the lottery to the General Fund which allocates the money to schools. Thus, there really is not any new money,,,,just rearranged money. Some funds for school safety and mental health are included.  In our district, cuts from last year’s budget result in a smaller budget this year.

The Governor allocated $50 million for public school maintenance …all 4,000 of them.  The 654 charters are allocated $150 million.  Charters do not have to meet the same school facility standards as public schools.  They go and find building to lease or buy.  If they close, they can keep the buildings.  Nice of the state to give them the money to maintain these privately owned charter schools.

The legislative budgets are not out.  The likelihood of any help for public schools is nil.  The Governor’s call for vouchers paid from the public treasury has to come out of public education.  The scramble in the legislature for money will be interesting.  Let your legislators know what you think.

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  1. Do you have a suggested email we can send? My Florida Senator is Aaron Bean. My Florida Representative is Jason Fischer. Unfortunately, my guess is they are both in favor of privatizing K-12 education. I’d love to be wrong about that. IF you have suggestions for emails I could send them to ask pointed questions, I would be grateful.

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