Florida Legislators Target School Districts



Boy, did I fail to read the fine print on SB 830.  This is an anti local school district bill that would authorize the State Board of Education to grant charters instead of local school boards.  In an earlier post, I commended Senator Stargel for not allowing charters to discriminate in admissions against students with poor academic records.   Further down in the bill, I see why she did so.  This is a major attack.

There is also a Principals Autonomy bill listed below that should be watched.
I am also listing current bills in the blog under the LEGISLATION section of the banner that runs across the top.  It is green!

Stargel SB 830 appears to be similar to other states’ takeover of public schools measures.  The relevant section of the bill is “High Impact Charter School Network”.  It targets ‘D’ or ‘F’ public schools.
a.  It eliminates provisions for districts to modify charter contracts for charters with grades of ‘C’ or below.
b.  It allows the State Board of Education to grant charters directly for the new network and bypass the local school board authorization process.  Districts would not have oversight and could not collect current administrative oversight fees.
2.  Brandes SB 808: The bill would redefine school districts and local school boards.  Cities could form their own school districts or combine with contiguous areas and create their own partisan school boards.  The new districts could use their own city or county commissions as school boards. This could be a means for northern Pinellas to separate from southern Pinellas where the notorious ‘Faiing Factories’ are located.  The status of this bill is uncertain.
3. Garcia SB 434:  The bill is called:  Principal’s Autonomy Pilot Program Initiative.  It would require participating public schools to participate in the University of Virginia School Turn Around Program.  This bill needs further scrutiny.


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