Florida Court: Remedy is at the polls

justiceA Florida Appeals court refused to hear the lawsuit against the Florida tax credit voucher program.  Judge Lori Rowe argued that current law supporting tax credits was different from the previous law against direct payments from the legislature to private schools.  Now, the legislature allows corporations to give money owed to the state to private schools.  Somehow this is legal according to the 1st District Court of Appeals.

In the opinion, the judges’ opinion stated that it was not clear that the public schools were hurt by the loss of tax credit funding.  There was no guarantee that the legislature would have allocated the money to public schools if it had decided to collect it.

The judge added:  …”the remedy is at the polls”.  We will have to wait to see if the Florida Education Association will appeal to the Florida Supreme Court once again.  In the meantime, an election is coming.


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  1. The “Evaluation of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Participation, Compliance and Test Scores in 2014-15” has been published.

    I thought the Tax Credit Scholarship was doing wonders for black and Hispanic children. It looks like — not so much

    Average test scores in 2014-15
    White – Reading 53.4 Math – 52.0
    Black – Reading 38.3 Math – 36.3
    Hispanic – Reading 47.6 Math – 46.4

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