Federal Accountability Rules for School Grades

hat-157980_1280Criteria for new school grades are drafted by the U.S. Department of Education.  Under this new plan, states can choose their own indicators of school quality or student success that move beyond the traditional accountability measures based on test scores or graduation rates.  School Report Cards must also be made in consultation with parents.  The draft document is now under review and open for comment  It includes:






  • new data:  per pupil expenditure of Federal, State, and local funds
  • number and percentage of students enrolled in preschool
  • rate of high school graduates who enroll in postsecondary schools
  • English Language Learners who achieve English proficiency
  • Children who are:  homeless, foster care and military families

Accountability indicators with expected 95% student participation include:

  • academic achievement on statewide assessments in reading, language arts and mathematics and may include student academic growth for high schools only
  • academic achievement growth or another valid reliable indicator that allows for meaningful differentiation in school performance
  • four year adjusted cohort graduation rate and at state’s discretion, a fifth year rate.
  • progress in English language proficiency
  • one valid, reliable comparable indicator of school quality or success that may include:  student/teacher engagement, advanced coursework, postsecondary readiness, school climate and safety,



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