Education Bills Passed in 2016

legislation1Some of you have interest in particular education legislation.  Here is a list of what was passed in the 2016.  The school choice and principal autonomy bills passed.  I have not reviewed all of the others, but if you would like to see one, just google it e.g. “SB 0012 Florida 2016.”

The topics are varied and include health, mental health, social problems, students with disabilities, Bright Futures and transportation.  Some funding bills passed as well.  Nice that so many of the really destructive bills did not make it.

SB 0012 Relating to Mental Health and Substance Abuse Garcia 03/15/16
SB 0184 Relating to Military and Veterans Affairs Bean 03/11/16
HB 0189 Relating to Teacher Certification Diaz (M) 03/11/16
SB 0232 Relating to Guardianship Detert 03/10/16
SB 0242 Relating to Infectious Disease Elimination Pilot Program Braynon 03/23/16
HB 0249 Relating to Culinary Education Programs Moskowitz 03/11/16
HB 0287 Relating to Principal Autonomy Pilot Program Initative Diaz (M) 03/11/16
HB 0375 Relating to Physician Assistants Steube 03/11/16
HB 0423 Relating to Access to Health Care Services Pigman 03/22/16
HB 0439 Relating to Mental Health Services in the Criminal Justice System McBurney 03/11/16
HB 0499 Relating to Ad Valorem Taxation Avila 03/11/16
HB 0535 Relating to Building Codes Eagle 03/11/16
HB 0545 Relating to Human Trafficking Spano 03/08/16
HB 0651 Relating to Department of Financial Services Beshears 03/11/16
SB 0668 Relating to Family Law Stargel 03/08/16
SB 0672 Relating to Educational Options Gaetz (D) 01/21/16
HB 0719 Relating to Education Personnel Spano 03/10/16
SB 0772 Relating to Regulated Service Providers Richter 03/15/16
HB 0793 Relating to Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program O’Toole 03/24/16
HB 0837 Relating to Education Programs for Individuals with Disabilities Bileca 03/11/16
SB 0908 Relating to Organization of the Department of Financial Services Lee (T) 03/15/16
HB 0941 Relating to Department of Health Gonzalez 03/17/16
HB 0977 Relating to Behavioral Health Workforce Peters 03/10/16
HB 1033 Relating to Information Technology Security Artiles 03/10/16
SB 1038 Relating to Florida Statutes Simmons 02/24/16
SB 1040 Relating to Florida Statutes Simmons 02/24/16
SB 1044 Relating to Contraband Forfeiture Brandes 03/18/16
HB 1083 Relating to Agency for Persons with Disabilities Renner 03/11/16
HB 1157 Relating to Postsecondary Education for Veterans Raburn 03/11/16
HB 1175 Relating to Transparency in Health Care Sprowls 03/15/16
HB 1219 Relating to Veterans’ Employment Raburn 03/24/16
HB 1333 Relating to Sexual Offenders Baxley 03/24/16
HB 1347 Relating to Illicit Drugs Ingram 03/24/16
HB 1365 Relating to Competency-Based Education Pilot Program Rodrigues (R) 03/11/16
SB 1604 Relating to Drugs, Devices, and Cosmetics Grimsley 03/25/16
HB 5001 Relating to General Appropriations Act Appropriations Committee 03/17/16
HB 5003 Relating to Implementing the 2016-2017 General Appropriations Act Appropriations Committee 03/17/16
HB 5101 Relating to Medicaid Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee 03/17/16
HB 7003 Relating to Individuals with Disabilities State Affairs Committee 01/21/16
HB 7019 Relating to Education Access and Affordability Higher Education & Workforce Subcommittee 03/10/16
HB 7029 Relating to School Choice Choice & Innovation Subcommittee 03/17/16
SB 7040 Relating to Workforce Development Commerce and Tourism 03/25/16
HB 7053 Relating to Child Care and Development Block Grant Program Education Committee 03/17/16
HB 7061 Relating to Transportation Santiago 03/17/16

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