CSUSA Principal Does What?

Can you believe that the principal of the for-profit CSUSA charter school in Jacksonville posted support for lynching blacks and memes against Black Lives Matter? Duval Charter School at Bay Meadows is headed by Kimberly Stidham, who according to the report by Raw Story said she was appalled that her personal political views were perceived to be racist. I have to admit I find the whole episode so distasteful, that I won’t give the details. You can read it here.
The school is listed as an ‘A’ school which might be expected. There are only 16% of students who quality for Free and Reduced Lunch whereas over 40% qualify in the district.

The whole thing makes me wonder what a ‘good’ school really is. This one has an ‘A’ grade, clearly discriminates in its selection of students, and hires a principal who advertises racist rhetoric.

CSUSA, of course, will do an investigation.

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