Criminal Summons to Pinellas Charter Management Companies

money-40603_1280Newpoint Education Partners and its related companies in Florida are indicted on charges of grand theft, money laundering, and aggravated white collar crime.  According to the Tampa Bay Times, the company sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of classroom supplies and technology from closed charters in Escambia to its charter schools in Pinellas.  By law, these materials belong to the public school district when charters fail.

Newpoint managed Newpoint Tampa High School until it closed in 2013.  Currently, it manages five charter schools in Pinellas and three are in serious financial trouble:  Windsor Prep in St. Petersburg and two charters in Clearwater are in serious financial trouble.  All Newpoint charters are managed by thee same board members, and they were silent until the problems became public.  They are reorganizing, but the management company has gone silent.

Why the Florida legislature allows these charter mismanagement problems to continue is anyone’s guess.  Once in awhile, someone tries to get corrective legislation passed, but it must not be a high priority.  We have to keep trying.


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  1. Reading this blog has been informative and helpful as we, in Arkansas, are struggling with the wave of charter schools opening and expanding under favorable support of the governor and the Department of Education. Please keep posting. Nell Matthews, Leadership Team, Arkansa

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