Class Size Violations: Does It Matter?

FEA Cites Violations of Class Size Amendment in this short video. There are several ‘work arounds’ to avoid the restrictions imposed by a Florida constitutional amendment in 2002. PreK through grade 3 is limited to 18 students.  The limit for grades 4-8 is 22 and for grades 9-12 it is 25 in core subjects like reading, math and science.  The temptation to manipulate the limits is great in order to reduce cost.  Clearly, there is more to this story. 

Sometimes districts chose to violate the size limit and are penalized financially.  They must count enrollment in every class while charter schools can average class size for the entire school and avoid penalties.  The legislative priorities for Dade County calls for a modification of the class size rule to match the school average class size required for charters.  A detailed description of the regulations is located on the Department of Education website.

The National Education Policy Center cites research stating that class size does matter, particularly for low-income and minority children.

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    • There is considerable interest in Common Core and Common Core ‘look alikes’. Since there is no official U.S. League position on Common Core; local leagues that have positions should cite them.
      We will post data that are appropriately referenced that help us better understand the impact of the standards and assessments.

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