Choice is a False Pretext for Draining Money from Public Schools

Today’s editorial in the Sun Sentinel is a good summary of the poor reasoning behind the vouchers and tax credit scholarships to private schools. Private just is not better and can be worse. Given the lack of transparency, parents do not know which is which. You can read the editorial here.

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  1. The elephant in the room here is that “school choice” is another tentacle of white supremacy in the education system as resistance against the Brown v. Board of Education ruling of 1954. This is just another method to fund segregation in education by the grift of public dollars to fund these unaccountable charter/private schools. Educators are afraid to say it and politicians are afraid of exposing the truth of it. Who pays? Poor, urban, rural and now possibly middle class families with children who have been hit by over 30+ years of unjust taxation and the promulgation of economic laws that divert dollars to the already wealthy 1%. Even with scholarships, look who can afford to educate their children…those who CAN AFFORD TO PAY. What I see is sustained efforts through State governments/legislatures, especially in the south, to continue the road to privatization and continued segregation of education to benefit the elite/wealthy.

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