Call to Action: Respond to the USDOE Proposal to use VAM Scores for Colleges of Education

standardized_testIf you want to have input on the USDOE proposal to rate colleges of education on the basis of their graduates’ VAM teaching evaluations, heed Diane Ravitch’s call to action.  The USDOE is seeking input until January 2, 2015.


Click on the following link to see how to respond to the USDOE proposal.  Note that the US LWV has no formal position, so please respond as an individual, not on behalf of the League.  See the following article for more information.

As you know, the latest US DOE strategy is to require colleges of education to report their graduates’ VAM scores for their first teaching positions.  The validity of using value added models for teacher evaluations is already widely criticized.  Read the article in the Washington Post.  Only about 1/2 of teachers come from colleges of education.  How does the U.S. DOE intend to screen the other half?

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