ALEC Admits Vouchers are for Suburbia

housesVouchers for private school tuition were supposed to be for at risk children in poor neighborhoods.  In Florida, that assumption was dropped when the legislature expanded eligibility for tax credit scholarships to include family incomes up to $62,000.  Now, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is more concerned about the high cost of tuition for middle class families.  They want to help.

At their meeting this week, they had a presentation entitled: Problems in Suburbia: Why middle class families need school choice, digital learning and better options.

ALEC is an organization for conservative legislators from across the country.  They develop model laws to help legislators draft bills.

According to an article published by truth-out, model legislation will incorporate language that states that students from low and middle income families should receive public funds regardless of whether they attend public or private schools.  The move to privatize our schools is gaining confidence.  There is no pretense it is about improving schools.


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