ACLU Finds Illegal Charter School Admissions Policies

no-entry-37967_640Twenty-five percent of California charter schools illegally restrict admissions, according to a new ACLU study.  The practices include:






  • denial of admission for students with low grades
  • expel students who earn low grades or test scores
  • deny admission to students with language proficiency skills
  • use parent or student essays to screen for admissions
  • discourage immigrant students by requiring Social Security or citizenship information
  • refuse enrollment unless parents donate money and/or volunteer at the school

ACLU asks charter schools to review their admissions policies.  They also urge citizens to file complaints with local district school offices.

These practices are not unique to California.  I have personally collected similar documents from local charter schools.  Admissions and dismissal problems are one of the many charter oversight problems which local districts are not empowered to solve.  Local groups can collect similar data from charter schools and report it to the Department of Education, State School Board, legislative committees and to the press.


Breaking News: ACLU finds many illegal policies in Charter Schools

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