Achievement Testing Power Points: Orange County LWV

by Terry Gillam, Orange County League of Women Voters

oranges-602271_1280The Orange County League of Women Voters is doing a local study of the State achievement testing issues.  They have prepared power points for presentations at local events.

The presentation is informational and does not represent Florida or National League positions.





These slides are chock full of information.  They ask:

  • Why are people so upset about testing:
  • How much is taking place?
  • What are high stakes tests?
  • Who decides about testing?
  • What are the major concerns?
  • What can we do?

The presentation is available here.  Just click on the link:  Testing LWVOC

In true League fashion, the citations for the slides follow:

General Information

Portal for Florida Standards Assessment – Training Tests

Slide 12:  English Language Learners

Dec. 22, 2015 Florida gets more time before counting English Learner Test Results,

Feds wanted one year, Florida asked for 2 years.

Accommodations for students with disabilities and English language learners

Slide 13: FAIR Testing suspended


Slide 14: 3rd Grade Details about portfolio & alterative assessments

Slide 16: End of Course Exams

Courses cut due to EOC exam requirements

General and Slide 18: Student Assessment Program – Florida State Statute

Includes information about teacher and administrator evaluation

Slide 18: VAM, Value Added Model for evaluating teachers based on test scores

Orange County teachers won’t be evaluated on test scores for two years.

Slide 19: School Grades – update for 2014-15

Temporary delay in consequences for poor school grades.

Slides 21 – 23: FSA Training Tests


General Information

Comprehensive description of all OCPS school choices, testing, etc. Includes advertisements! Continually Updated/Parent Guide.pdf


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