A.I.E. Latest Report on Charters: Advocacy or Research?

sherlock-holmes-462978_1280Sorting out hype vs. evidence can be a challenge.  The latest American Enterprise Institute report: Measuring Diversity in Charter School Offerings claims that charters should be expanded.  In fact, deregulation of charters increases diversity in charter offerings.  See what you think after you read the review from N.E.P.C.

AIE states that charters have more variety and are more responsive to parental desires.  The National Education Policy Center (NEPC) routinely reviews new studies on education.  The NEPC reviewers cite the lack of evidence to support the AIR report conclusions.

The data summary indicates that one half of the charters are of the ‘Specialized’ i.e. no excuses or STEM  schools and the other half are designated as ‘General’.  AIE does recognize than many ‘Specialized ‘ charters morph into ‘General’ charters.  There are also indications that  the type of charter is related to the racial and economic demographics of cities.  It seems that ‘no excuses’ schools are more frequently found in areas with higher concentrations of black students.  AER views this through a market analysis lens.  Others may see it differently.

The NEPC reviewers find other weaknesses in the AIR study.  You can read the NEPC article here.


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