Hilary Clinton Speaks Up About Charter Schools

Finally, there is recognition that public schools should be for the public!   This post from Diane Ravitch gives hope that problems with charter schools have reached the top echelons of our political system.  Charters are called public, but they are privately run and too often not well.

dianeravitch posted: “We have been waiting for a member of the media to ask the Democratic and Republican candidates. Finally it happened, though not on national television. Journalist Roland Martin in South Carolina asked Hillary Clinton about her views on charter schools.

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  1. Hillary’s comments show understanding of the no win situation public schools find themselves in when resources are reduced and they are still required to take all children, even the “hardest to teach”. Too bad it wasn’t on national television. If this is the pay back for early endorsement from NEA and AFT, the unions were short changed.

    Nowhere in any of her stump speeches Iowa, NH or any where else for that matter has she addressed privitazation or standardization. I am somewhat surprised that with all the buzz in NY about the opt out movement she had nothing to say.

    President Clinton was responsible for passing the “New Markets Tax Credit” law, and this law encouraged the corporate interest in speculating in charter schools as a for profit investment.

    Let’s not forget her team of donors are Gates, Broad, Silicon Valley & Wall St. crowd. She served on the Board of Directors for WalMart. Her long time friendship with Eli Broad speak louder than words.

    Either she wants to be president and will say anything to achieve that goal or she is brave enough to open the door for all candidates to address privatization of our public schools and sincerely intends to be the leader in reversing the current course.

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