School Choice Climate of Corruption

money-40603_1280Jeff Bryant has done it again.  In today’s AlterNet, he writes about How Jeb Bush’s Florida Plan for School Choice Created an Industry of Corruption and ChaosBryant quotes Rosemarie Jensen, from United OptOut and Nan Rich, former State Senator whose views on charters have changed as they watched the consequences of school choice in Florida.  As early as two years after Governor Bush launched school choice, it  became clear that money, not improving education was the driving force in Florida.

Much of the profits in charter schools derive from real estate dealings.   Charter management companies have their own companies.  They build or purchase facilities and lease them to charter school boards, often at exorbitant rates.  Bryant summarizes reports of corruption and abuse that has ensued.  The case in Broward County quotes League studies of rapid expansion at the cost of traditional public education.

This is  a comprehensive article that underscores the problems associated with inadequate planning and oversight of charters.  The Senate Education Committee is planning hearings.  They need to hear from you.


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  1. “If the issue is you have failing public schools, then how is taking more money away from public education and giving it to private entities that are not accountable going to help public schools.” Gov. Bob Graham

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