U.S. Senate to Debate K12 education Bill Today

What could actually change in federal education policy this year?  States will much more authority.   The last legislation was passed in 2007.  It is time for a change, but are these the right ones for children or for politicians?  We can only hope that Congress will strengthen, not weaken our public schools.

Here’s a quick checklist of the Senate bill.

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Do You Know Which of Your Charters is in Trouble?

auditWho is in trouble in your county?  The other day I posted the 2015 Florida Auditor General’s report on charter schools.  Today, I happened to look at that report again.  I scrolled down to find the list of charter schools in trouble.  Goodness, I found 3 of them were located in Alachua County.  You might want to see which ones are located in your area.

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Summer Sizzle (Fizzle) in Broward County, Florida

By Margery Marcus

ft lauderdaleThe Broward County School District is upset.  Broward County has nearly two million people who live in relatively small cities.  Ft. Lauderdale, its largest city has fewer than 200, 000 people.  It is one of those pretty, but large beach towns.  One third (100) of their schools are charters, but they enroll only 15% of the school population.  Thus, there must be a lot of small charter schools.

Some charters with a high percentage of children from lower income families do well.  Some charters have very nice facilities.  There is once again, more to the story.  Margery’s report will give you some clues about what is happening.

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