The New Republic Checks Out Florida’s Byron Donalds

Byron Donalds hit the media spotlight when he was suggested as the conservative alternative to Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House. He is a relative newcomer to Washington D.C. In Florida, however, he and his wife Erika are well known in the conservative Christian charter school movement. Is he, as the New Republic speculates, the future star of the Florida Republican Party? You can read about him here.

I am quoted in the article. I have been following the Donalds’ for several years because they helped found the Classical Academies in Florida. It is worth knowing the people behind the attacks on Florida’s public schools. It helps to understand the strategies behind the vouchers, charters, and religious ideologies that seek to divide our communities.  Donalds offers the viewpoint of the only Black member of the Freedom Caucus.

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  1. What everyone in FL already knows: Donalds works hard to please his party leaders. He is not a civil rights hero. He is silent on the racist policies of his party. Soon the Donalds will receive $24K a year for private school tuition while low income families who can’t afford elite private schools make do with less well resourced schools. Let them eat cake, the Donalds say, meaning the crumbs.

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