Rezoning Schools Interactively. Try it!

Here is a fun and easy way to see if you can desegregate your school district. Really! There is a website where you can interactively see how well your school district zone lines work for all students. I entered Florida and then Alachua County. One map shows what percentage of black students would be enrolled in each school if students attended the closest school to their home. Another shows the minority enrollment in each school’s actual zone. I see why the district drew the lines they did. It also shows why magnet schools are needed.

Go the site. Enter your district. See what the residential pattern by school looks like. Scroll down to see what the district has done to rezone schools to rectify imbalances. How well have they done? It’s very visual and interesting to do.

In case you haven’t heard about Vox, here’s a Wikipedia site. This is an interesting new company. They are experimenting with new ways to present information. I am curious to see what else they have come up with.

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  1. This is very interesting but it does not factor in school choice which has further segregated schools in some districts. In Leon for instance, data from last September indicated that 10 public schools are intensely segregated (less than 10% white students) and in the case of only 4 of those is the intense segregation already present in the school’s zone in question. The other 6 schools have seen their school population become intensely segregated due to white flight through school choice, charter school, private school and home school.

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