Who will replace Betsy DeVos?

President-elect Biden has narrowed his choices for Secretary of Education. There are two finalists. Both are strong advocates for public education. One, Leslie Fenwick, has publically focused on the need to keep public schools public. You can help influence this choice. Read about the former dean of Howard University Leslie Fenwick. The other choice is Miguel Cordona, the Connecticut Secretary of Education. Take action:

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  1. Both seem to be good choices and as long as the main focus is public education and proper funding, I am ok. Just wish that a person that was closer to the classroom would have top influence. For too long the person doing the educating has not been the one giving the advice as to how/what/when needs to be taught to the students. Really was hoping for Lily Eckelson Garcia since hers long standing support of public education started as a support educator.

    • Yes, Cordona was born in Connecticut in a lower income Puerta Rican family. He was a classroom teacher and, by all accounts, an excellent one. Here are a couple of links to articles:

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