What will our children be taught?


Education Week posted an article describing the implications for changes in the Florida science curriculum based on at least two of the education taskforce members views…Keith Flaugh and Erika Donalds from Collier County, Florida.  Jeff Sawchuk, he author of the article:  Coming Soon to Florida: More Challenges to District’s Science Curricula bases his concern on a law based in 2017 to allow independent challenges to district text book selection by not only parents but any citizen.

As a member of Citizens Alliance, Flaugh submitted dozens of challenges to text books last year.  He was quoted as saying ‘”Books that treat evolution as a proven science are discriminating and bully children and their families against their religious beliefs”.

Citizens Alliance trains local protestors to challenge textbooks.  Last year challenges were submitted in Collier, Martin and Nassau counties.  The local school boards voted 3/2 to retain the books.  (This split vote is one example why these Christian advocacy groups are targeting school board elections.)  Moreover, Governor DeSantis has already announced that the task force will conduct a curriculum review of the Florida State Curriculum Standards.  

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