Want to tell Governor DeSantis what you think about Common Core?

To tell the truth, the Common Core does not bother me much after grades K-2. What does bother me is the focus on testing and constant attention to rewards and punishment i.e school grades etc. I am a little suspicious that the revision of Common Core may be an opportunity to include controversial theories in classroom instruction and testing. There already are bills filed teach alternative science and religion.

So, here is the link to the survey the Governor has posted on the Common Core.

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  1. Do not allow SB1028 to pass! I am a staunch Republican and also a teacher. I do not agree with what our party is doing to education. They are destroying a system that has educated our populace for years, successfully, until our Government decided they could run it better. Many charters are failing and most are not held to the same standards as our public schools. they take the money and then kick out any students that they deem not worthy, or that they feel will not be an average or higher performer, or they are disruptive. Those students are then funneled back into the public schools with the pupil funding for that student left in the hands of the charter school. The public school has to take them with no funding for his education. This system of charter funding is flawed and was NOT what our forefathers intended. It is a corruption!

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