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oliverIf you saw John Oliver’s TV show about charter school absurdities, you may want to say thank you.  It was a classic piece.  Diane Ravitch posted a call to let John know there is support for our public schools.  We know that charters need better oversight if the fraud and abuse is to stop.

Here is the contact information.  Let’s not be the silent majority.


Please contact John Oliver.

email at:  [email protected].

And tweet him @iamjohnoliver.


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  1. Great expose on charter schools. Chart Schools USA has submitted a proposal in my Florida County and at the same
    time they have made a $1000 cash contribution to one of the candidates for our school board. Something rotten
    in Denmark!

  2. Dear John,
    FINALLY, someone in the media has taken notice of this sometimes sleazy business! Your take on it was hilarious and right on the money. Thank you! I also live in Florida where”school choice” is the Legislature’s darling. I echo Terry’s comments above about charters. I am a former public high school teacher and for the last 12 years have been on the county school board where we are especially aware of taxpayer money diverted away from traditional public schools.

    About the Tax Credit Voucher system mentioned by Terry, what started a $80 million program statewide has now ballooned to $586 million statewide for the 2016-17 school year because the amount allocated grows by 25% each year. By the 2019-20 school year it will be $1 billion for private schools, up to 70% of them religious schools. This is technically “legal” because the money does not go from the state treasury to vouchers.Instead it comes from a sales tax exemption to corporations if they in turn give an equal amount to the voucher program. This is, of course, taxpayer money. Meanwhile, our public schools are crumbling.

    Thank you, John Oliver and HBO for shining a light on this little-recognized outrage!

    August 25, 2016

  3. Thank you so much for your program about charter schools. I live in Florida where there are dozens of charter schools. Of course, some are well run, but we have an overwhelming number that are run by for-profit organizations, Charter Schools USA and Academica for two. Since when has running a school be a profitable business. Since they own the buildings and lease them to the schools is one answer.
    Thank you so much for bringing the issue to the millions who know nothing about them.

    We also have tax credit program where corporations can divert the taxes they owe to the state to a Scholarship Funding Organization that gives money, and keeps 3% for administration, to parents who pay schools directly. No government oversight of how these schools spend the money.

    Well, I won’t go on. Thank you for your insightful and witty presentation.

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