Politics and Education Get Really Bad in New Mexico

from Meredith Machen, New Mexico

byzantineThis is a crime story that has top level politicians reported to be involved:  Governor Martinez,  Secretary of Education Skandera, Albuquerque Superintendent of Schools Valentino, and the Deputy Superintendent Jason Martinez.

Channel 4 News reports the following story.

Albuquerque Schools Chief Financial Officer Moya is the whistle blower in a byzantine scene.  He had accepted a verbal offer as Albuquerque Deputy Superintendent of Schools.  The offer was withdrawn, and Moya allegedly was told that he was not sufficiently supportive of the Governor’s education agenda.  There was a meeting with Secretary of Education Skandera and the Governor held on May 29th re the appointment.  Instead of hiring Moya, Jason Martinez was appointed.  He had come from Denver and was hired with no background check.

He resigned his new position last week when it was discovered that he has two pending felony cases back in Denver; one is for child sex abuse.

If that is not enough, it came to light that right after Jason Martinez was hired in Albuquerque, he arranged a contract with a friend in Denver.  The friend had started a company after he was fired from Denver schools for taking kickbacks.  Moya reported his concerns about the contract.  Emails began to fly between the Secretary of Education Skandera and the Superintendent Valentino.  Retaliation was urged.  Moya was put on administrative leave and filed suit citing laws to protect whistleblowers.  Everyone is denying wrong doing.

The Governor of New Mexico and the State Education Secretary Skandera do have an education agenda strongly supportive of privatizing schools and expanding charters.  Valentino has a finger coordination problem.  He mistakenly sent the incriminating emails to Moya.



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