Plan to Revise the Constitution: Take the Public Out of Public Education

Can you imagine that the Florida House and Senate would support the repeal of the Fair Districting amendments, making the redistricting process secret, as well as rescinding constitutional bans on state support for private, religious schools?   The Miami Herald reports that these are the major goals of the legislative leaders. Florida’s constitution would have to be changed, and the process is now in place.  We need to know about this; it is real.






Every twenty years a Constitutional Revision Commission is appointed to review Florida’s constitution.  Members will be appointed before the March 2017 session.  Governor Scott appoints fifteen members.  Speaker Corcoran and Senate President Negron each appoint nine.  Add in three members appointed by Chief Justice Labarga and include Pam Bondi, the Attorney General, and you have the group.  Remember that this group can add proposals to change the constitution directly on the ballot without any review by the legislature or the courts.

During 2017, the Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC) will hold hearings throughout the State of Florida.  These hearings are not to be ignored.

Any constitutional revisions the CRC places on the ballot must be studied carefully.  The League does this well.  When action is required, the League’s voice must be heard.

We need to organize now to alert the public to what is at stake.  The public can reject these changes to our constitution at the ballot box.

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