HR 5: Student Success Act Pulled by US House

legislation1The education reform bill sponsored by Representative Kline (R Minn.) passed the House Education Committee but was pulled from the House agenda today.  See the tweet by Rep. Justin Amash.  The bill requirements follow:

Bill Requirements

H.R. 5 requires:

  • Testing for all children in grades 3-8 and once in high school each year. (Control of testing is returned to the States. The U.S. Secretary of Education is prohibited from interfering with State policies.)
  • Makes Title I funding for low income children available.  The money will be moveable to non Title I schools. (Freezes Title I funding at 2012 levels.)  The National Association of Principals states that this provision would open the door to giving Title I funds to private schools.
  • Limits Title II funds to 10% for class size reduction.
  • Increases the funding for charter schools and the expansion of charter management organizations (CMO).
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